The Dream Workbook

I find this work book by Joe Friedman to be very intuitive and informative. It has helped me get started with my own dream interpretation. I now record my dreams regularly, and I see my dreams in a completely different light after having read this book.

We get simple and down to earth guidance on how to remember our dreams, how to improve the recall and how to sharpen our senses to remember and experiencing the images more vividly. We also learn how to organize a dream diary so the content will make sense to us when we read it several years after writing.

The author has included a chapter about what happens in our body when we sleep. We learn about the chemicals that are active in our brain during sleep and how they work as opposed to the chemicals dominating our brain when we are awake. We also learn about our sleep cycle and how the dream phases develops trough the night.

We also learn how dreams can be used to solve problems. Because we are at our most creative when we sleep, and our brain is able to draw connections where it would see no connection in a waken state, we can use this tool to actually program ourselves to solve a problem we are struggling with in our sleep. The author has added lots of examples on this process to give us a better understanding of how we can do this.

Then the author has written a short orientation about some of the big names in dream theory, Freud, Jung, Hillman, and Boss. This gives those of us who are completely new to this topic basic background info on the theories which have lead up to the way we work with dreams today.

Finally we are given concrete tools to work with our dreams. We are given several different methods and we can choose to have a thorough look at our dream or we can use a ten minutes approach when we are short of time. I particularly found this section very useful.
As I was already able to recall my dreams, I could move on to the analyzing part very rapidly. I also appreciated the many different approaches outlined.

There is also a chapter about sharing dreams and the benefits and oddities that happens when several people meet regularly to discuss their dreams. We also get lots of examples here on how people in a dream group dream related dreams.

We are also introduced to the phenomenon lucid dreaming. We get tips on how to achieve lucidity during a dream and how we can use this powerful state of mind to improve ourselves and our abilities.

The last chapter discusses spiritual and paranormal experiences during dreaming. We are for instance given examples of people who dream about future events, how some people experience telepathic abilities during dreaming and lots more.

My dreams still seem very odd and the natural laws somehow keep bending. But trough the systematic analysis of the dream images I am starting to get behind the images and draw the parallels to my waken reality. Although I have not yet experienced lucid dreams or any paranormal information, my dreams give me a big insight into my real emotions and attitudes. And this knowledge also lets me start the work of adjusting my life to have a better overall life experience.

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