5 Strategies That Will Multiply Your Personal Energy

When you have a low personal energy and getting things done seems like a heavy burden you have to wear climbing a steep cliff, you get a loud and clear signal from your mind and body: you need to change something in your life. Explaining why you feel this way by focusing on something outside of you will never be a good explanation as your life always is a mirror of something you do inside your mind.

Even if your personal energy is caused by something you do in your mind you can increase it in many different ways. Let us group them:

Your thinking habits and how you pay heed to your mind
Your level of self-respect.
Your eating habits
Your level of physical activity
Your habits of restoring your energy

Making changes within these five habitual behaviors will have a conclusive impact on your personal energy level.

1) Change your thinking habits
Do you usually tend to focus on the negative stuff in your life? Well, you are not alone as most people tend to do so. However have this in mind: The positive things in your life are just as real as the negative stuff. By not focusing upon them you prevent the energy boost they normally would give you.

Action step: Start changing this bad thinking habit by searching for all the positive aspects in your life and write them down in a notebook. Do this every night. Start every morning by reading the list you wrote the evening before. I bet you start to notice a change in your energy level almost instantly.

2) Increase your level of self-respect
If you have a tendency of putting everything you want in life hindmost everything else, you don’t have enough self-respect to stay firmly behind what you want. This is a highly effective way of draining your energy. You may do this because you think you are not as valuable as everybody else. This is a false belief. The fact that we humans behave otherwise does not change the fact that every one of us is born as equal to everybody else. All of us come with the ability to think, observe, reflect and accept.

Action step: To change this self-destructive behavior you need to start speaking positively to yourself. Even if you feel resistance and that what you say is not true, know that this is a reaction growing out of a false belief. Decide to create a positive and acceptance inner self talk about yourself and what you want.

3) Improve your eating habits
Luckily the focus upon changing poor eating habits is growing. If you know in your heart that you have a potential for improvement here, then put it into action. You owe that to yourself.

Action step: Back up your self-respect by feeding your body with nutritious and healthy food.

4) Get more physical active
Our body is not constructed to not be used. Then it gets rusty and starts to hurt. When your body hurts you start pity yourself. This perspective leads into negative thinking which drains your energy. Physical laziness is rooted within negative self talk.

Action step: You need to do two things: a) Start to observe what you say to yourself in different situations and replace it with positive inner self talk. B) Decide to find a physical activity you like to do and start doing it.

5) Replace draining habits of how you spend your free time with energy boosting activities
Taking time off from what we normally do is important in order to restore our level of energy. The question is: How do you do that? Does your way of taking time off restore your energy or drain it?

Action step: Be honest with yourself as the only one who will suffer if you lie to yourself about this is you. Change your habits if they do not support you. Make sure your new activities are fun to do. Personally I started wearing a a weighted vest to add more resistance to my daily workouts. It makes me feel a lot stronger. Here are some great options if you want to try it out.

When making changes to restore your personal energy I recommend you work two ways simultaneously:

Make changes in your mind to support practical action steps.
Make changes in what you usually do to support changes in your thinking habits.

Also make sure you drop thinking in terms of “should” and “ought to”. Instead think this: “I want to do this, because…” and “I decide to do this because…”

When you do this whole heartedly I can guarantee you that your personal energy will have a boost. When your personal energy vibrate positively the law of attraction will start work in your favor!

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